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ZECHE company, the full Russian name joint-stock company “ZECHE”, was founded in 2004 as an engineering company, directed towards the high-tech and innovative products’ and services’ market. In Russia, despite the brain drain abroad, considerable fundamental and technological “reserves”, highly qualified scientific and scientific-technical specialists, unique research-and-production base are still being preserved. Our company helps to realize this national property in the form of specific innovative projects and is interested in innovative activity broadening on the territory of Russia.

Our company’s mission is to grant the most perfect, proper, high-tech products, and also the products of world-famous manufactures, on the most beneficial terms, to our clients. ZECHE company builds its philosophy according to the principle: it is not only fame and quality of the products which is important, but also their introduction culture, revenue and convenience of their consequent usage for the customer. ZECHE company is, first and foremost, directed towards innovative projects and new products and services markets. Our goal of a prime importance is to unite the genuine specialists under our company, whose aim is to provide a maximum return of the customer’s investments, to make spent money “work” effectively and to maximize profits. It allows ZECHE company to lay claim to leading positions.

1. Team attitude and professionalism.
The high professionalism and the staff’s responsibility – are the bases for ZECHE company’s success. The cooperation spirit in all business sub-units, striving for the common company’s goal make for it.

2. Honesty.
ZECHE company stands for the honest business, we do not strive for the market’s leadership at any price. ZECHE company strengthens its positions by partnership relations, based on respect, transparence and reliability.

3. Constant development.
Having a respect for the traditions, ZECHE company is always open for the new ideas and changes. The company’s direction always welcomes innovations which help to reach the best results. The successful innovations – are our priority.

4. High quality standards support.
High-tech business is successful only on condition the production is qualitative. ZECHE company’s success is determined by not only the quality of the products introduced, but also by the work quality on the whole: services, information, production and sale.

Address: 299011 RUSSIA, Sevastopol st. Lenina, 48
Phones: +7 (978) 133-9753
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e-mail: info@zeche.ru

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