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ZECHE company aims at fulfilling complex projects of different engineering systems, such as energy-saving, sensitive conditioning, systematic power supply, video-control system, ACS TP, access control, etc. When working on the project, we use the best products according to the price-quality correlation, introduced by the world-known producers. We specialize on the unique non-trivial solutions, requiring high responsibility and attention, and we are, thus, always ready to recruit and unite in our staff a pro team to solve any of your tasks.

There are always secret problem questions present on every enterprise in various branches of economy, which deal with the key points in the chain of cost organization creation and directly influence the economic results of the company’s activity. At times, it is impossible to find the right solution to such questions, and sometimes, even to realize and highlight these questions without the contribution of the experts in many fields.

Let us give a simple example: an enterprise, in its technological process, uses energy supply in high volumes. Accordingly, the cost of the energy supply makes a great part of the product’s prime cost. At present, the economic growth in Russia with each following year, with the intense activity, contributes to the competition strengthening among the post-soviet enterprises. Thus, the key condition for the enterprise to survive and move ahead to a leader on the markets with the most flexible demand, where the product price is the leading factor, is the reduction of a product’s prime cost and at the same time increase in its quality. The problem of energy savings to reduce the product’s prime cost – is the question of primary importance for the enterprises, having, for the most part, outmoded basic assets, which cannot boast of being economical. The years, when enterprises could have avoid paying for the electricity for a long period of time, which was the way to production costs reducing, have become a thing of the past. And disregarding the fact that the electricity cost in Russia is one of the most cheapest in the world, you have to pay for the electricity and the most of other natural resources in time, otherwise the enterprise runs risks to be left without the basic manufacturing recourses and terminate the work, which will lead to a bankruptcy at short notice. If it is possible to single out the considerable prevalence of one of resources in a product’s prime cost, then, in order to provide a price competitive prevalence of this enterprise’s products, it is necessary to consider the possibility of expense economizing, connected with this resource purchasing. That is why the problem of energy savings is now of great interest for large-scale manufacturing enterprise administrators. A great number of such examples can be provided.

At the same time, new technologies are constantly appearing on the world market, which allow the considerable economy of all manufacturing resources, which, unfortunately, not always quickly deserve the appropriate attention on Russian enterprises, first of all, because of the deficiency in the talented managers and engineers on the middle management level. The main task of ZECHE company is to promote the innovative technologies and products, which allow to reduce considerably our clients’ production costs. We are interested in the search of solutions and their realizations, necessary for you. Even if you do not know from what to start, but you are sure in the necessity of qualitative improvements and entrance to the new development levels, we are always ready to unite people capable to solve your tasks.

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